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Hello you!

Happy to meet meet you here! Welcome at Grace & GRAZIANI

Allow me to introduce you to my new work, my brand: Grace and Graziani’s Art with Flowers.

My name is Giada Graziani.

I am a passionate florist for over twenty-six years now. I have owned various flower shops in the surroundings of Amsterdam and I was the first wedding florist in the country. I recently decided to sell my business as I really want to dedicate my time and energy in enjoying the beauty of flowers to the maximum. My passion for flowers will never disappear and I really want to share this with you.

Grace and Graziani all about wall art created with fresh flowers.
My flower compositions are being photographed with specialised cameras with the finest of pixel resolution.  The result is then being printed onto dibond and topped with Liquid Gloss to create an even more elegant and vibrant look and feel.

My purpose is to compose and create new wall art that will make you feel good and beyond! Enjoy it with a nice cup tea or a fine glass of wine. Admire, look and feel, do nothing … just gaze at it with the realisation that this moment is yours and yours only.
Grace and Graziani offers you flowers at home, at work … anytime. It results into good mood and positive energy. Every time you look at the wall art, you will discover the most spectacular colors and diverse structures, caressing your eyes and blowing your face.

Made with love and passion
Grace and Graziani